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School of Citizenship

The Scholas Occurrentes Foundation is an international non-profit organization promoted by Pope Francis who works with public and private schools and educational communities, from all religious and secular denominations to re-establish the educational pact! The Municipal Council of Cascais and the Scholas Occurrentes Foundation are partners in the co-organization of a "School of Citizenship".

The "School of Citizenship" is an educational program for the training of students that will gather 350 young people between 15 and 17 years of different educational establishments in the municipality of Cascais. For a week, in Cascais - S. Domingos de Rana (Torre d'Aguilha Seminar), young people will share points of view, approach the daily problems of the community and through a constructive perspective, where young people participate through research , presentation of proposals and solutions. All through dynamic methodologies, group work inspired by design thinking.

Objectives of the "School of Citizenship" Program:
● Stimulate the culture of meeting students in different contexts;
● Promoting youth participation and commitment to the common good;
● Promote social, cultural and religious pluralism involving young people in the process of social construction.

Attitudes, Values and Skills that the "School of Citizenship" promotes:
● Creativity and flexibility
● Critical thinking
● Listening and dialogue
● Development of autonomy and collaborative attitudes
● Increased awareness about themselves and others
● Encouraging interest in certain topics
● Encouraging learning
● Encouraging communication and democratic exchange.
● Opportunities for group members and their teachers or facilitators to recognize and value individual skills and increase self-esteem
● Possibility to decide
● Self-perception as an agent of change
Within the program there are three profiles:
● Facilitator of the Methodology: with the capacity for dialogue and listening, analytical and reflexive, with competencies for the management of working groups, in order to fulfill certain objectives. With interest in educational content planning, research and development activities.
● Recreation Facilitator: perceptive, extroverted, with vocation to animate and conduct recreational activities and games for large groups, meeting generators. Capacity for playful improvisation and artistic expression.
● Logistics Facilitator: Prepare the spaces where the young people will be received, together with the facilitators. Provide the necessary materials for the development of the daily program, including didactic material, audiovisual equipment, chairs, refreshments and institutional material.

Volunteering is a mechanism for multiplying the impact of social action. The volunteer should be able to see their participation in the "School of Citizenship" Program as an opportunity for personal development and to take advantage of the space to learn and consolidate constructive proposals that may be useful for their professional development. The volunteer is a companion who channels his spirit of solidarity, contributing his time and providing his knowledge, being inspiring and observant.

Volunteers should have:
● More than 18 years;
● Motivation to learn about group facilitation processes through the proposed methodologies;
● Preferably connect to the municipality of Cascais (in the activities they develop as students or residents);
● Ease of communicating in Spanish (preferred).

Rights of volunteers
● Support for transport;
● Power supply;
● Final certificate;
● Safe.

By completing the online form here, from 01 to 15 September 2018.
The selection of volunteers will be made based on the completed application form, according to the indicated criteria. The role that the training received and the experience in this project will have in the personal and professional career of the candidate will also be valued.