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Daniela Madeira | MARÉ VIVA

My name is Ana Daniela Madeira, I'm 30 years old and I'm the Coordinator of the 7 Special Projects of the Maré Viva Summer Volunteer Program.

It is the second summer that I am performing these functions, being in charge of the projects Cascais Acessível - praia para todos, Marézinhas do Futuro, Marézinhas em movimento (bike path), Pegada n'areia, Livro n'areia, monitoring of the coast and support to Marine Protected Area (AMP).

Being a licensed physiotherapist, the Cascais Acessível - praia for all project is what most challenges and satisfies me, since it gives me the possibility to reconcile my professional experience with the daily challenges of the Maré Viva program. In this way, because it is so connected to the people and the impact it has on their lives, I feel that the project has a tremendous return, not only on the part of the users, but also on the part of the volunteers, who are now more awake to this kind of realities.

As a coordinator, what I try to convey to the volunteers is the sensitivity and openness necessary to perform these activities related to the difficulties that the users are subjected in their life.
In this program of volunteering every day are different and that is what makes it so special and challenging. It obliges us to be always attentive and to surpass ourselves, which contributes to our professional career, and essentially, personal.