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ODS 9 in Action

Na terça-feira, compartilharemos o projeto de desenvolvimento sustentável, sobre a inovação, a inovação e a infra-estrutura, fazendo uma nova construção de infra-estruturas, promovendo uma industrialização inclusiva e sustentável e fomentar a inovação.

Como é que já é um costume, a partilha é hoje em dia, algumas ideias e algumas iniciativas não podem ser tão inspiradoras, mas também são favoráveis ​​a que os cidadãos mudem a vida e os que são próximos.

Get to know some projects related to this ODS.

The Cascais ID ID in a resource management and direct access system facilitates the use of the services provided by the Municipal Council of Cascais. Through a unique "login" solution for the various systems that involve authentication in the "My Cascais" portal, the citizen can be requested and obtain services of Autarchy or of connection in the area of ​​the mobility. You can associate with other entities with a wide range of solutions for your daily life, which promotes fairness and transparency.

With the Integrated Operations Center (C3), it is intended to provide the Municipality with the Management Capacity of the Integrated Training Fund in real time and in a predictive way, covering the different areas of work and safety of the municipal universe (Mobility , Civil Protection, Municipal Police, Land Intervention, Energy, Environment, Municipal Service), among others. The methods of instruction and control of capacity of control of access and of learning of machine for the education of data are directed to the responsible ones and the general public.

The "Data Science for Social Good Fellowship" (DSSG) originated at the University of Chicago. It is a summer program that trains aspiring data scientists to work on "data mining", "machine learning", "big data" and "data science" projects with social impact. To work with governance and non-profit organizations, participants engage with the real and current keys, related to education, health, energy, public safety, transportation, economic and international development, among others. Cascais was one of the European voters selected for the formation of the annual program, in partnership with the Faculty of Economics of the New University of Lisbon.

Let yourself be inspired by this wave and improve the world with us! And enough is enough.



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