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SDG 11 in Action

On Tuesday, we shared with you the tenth sustainable development goal, about sustainable cities and communities.

As it has become habitual, today we share with you some ideas and some initiatives that not only inspire you, but also provide experiences that will change your life and those of you who are close to you.
Get to know some projects related to this SDG.

MOBI Cascais is an integrated mobility program that aims to promote the use of public transportation, create conditions for the enjoyment of smooth mobility in detriment of private transportation. It offers a multiplatform offer (bicycle, parking, buses, train and other related services) with special conditions. The goal is to reduce the use of private transport in pollutant emissions while promoting a healthier lifestyle.

The Urban Green Public Spaces are vital areas for the preservation of the quality of life and the natural heritage of Cascais. They can take different forms and functionalities depending on their framing and typology. The most urbanized spaces benefit from gardens and park in its surroundings, promoting the community dynamics. 
THERMOS (Modeling System for the Optimization of Energy) is a project that develops territorial models in an "open-source" platform for applications of planning of collective air-conditioning infrastructures in urban areas. With the collective experience of cities across Europe and research centers in the field of urban planning and technology, it is intended to encourage the study of new solutions that reduce energy consumption and consequently pollutant emissions. This application may in the future be extended to other collective networks (gas, water, electricity and furniture), which assists the modernization of urban infrastructures.



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