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Festival Termómetro Cascais 2018

Orantos Violeta, Ana Bacalhau, B Facade, Capicua, DJ Ride, Richie Campbell, Salto, Tatanka, Noiserv, Blind Zero or David Fonseca were some of the musicians who spent their early career at the Festival termémtro, the most lasting event of the thousand and one initiatives created by Fernando Alvim.

The bands that pass the local stage with more points act in the final, scheduled for January 12 at Cinema São Jorge, in Lisbon, where they can become the big winners.
The prize gives the band the chance to play at NOS Alive, Bons Sons and the Iberian Festival Awards. In addition, they will be able to record a video clip and have 20 hours of recording in a music studio.

On 23rd November, Crearte by Cascais Jovem received the Thermometer Festival!
 The stage was filled with new talents that charmed everyone in the audience.

3 bands MaZéi, Andrage and Metamorfose showed the talent and it was incredible!

3 styles of different songs took to the stage and maybe we did not see firsthand the birth of new musical stars!

Good luck to everyone for the final!


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