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O Vereador vai à Escola- Escola Secundária de Alvide

Our councilor, Nuno Piteira Lopes, returned to his school today, Alvide Secondary School.

The session began with the presentation of Cascais Jovem:

-Our spaces: The store Cascais Jovem and Crearte by Cascais Jovem in Carcavelos which are spaces of support and information for all the young people of the county.

- Space S: a completely confidential youth health area, anonymous free with various types of consultations from nutrition to teenage pregnancy.

-Our Youth Volunteering programs: the six of summer and the three annuals with registrations always open.


From then on the councilman challenged everyone to participate in our volunteer programs and at the moment there are open registrations at: Cascais Sports Volunteer, Volunteers Cascais 2018 and Pro..move-te.

Environmental concerns are something we take into account and everyone was offered a bottle to avoid the use of reusable bottles and warn of the impact of plastic on the environment.

What moves the young are the causes and not the political parties and as such the councilman called for the creation of student associations that function as a means of communication and information dissemination among young people, the school and the Municipal Council of Cascais.

The new association of students of the Alvide School already has headquarters and a room to debut now only lack the democratic decision of the students!