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Thursday, December 20, 2018

The ID music festival opens on March 29 and 30 in Cascais, at the Estoril Congress Center. With a program focused on what is most contemporary and timeless in the spectrum of electronic and urban music, ID has the annual objective to zoom and highlight the most relevant in the field of the arts, without limits, borders or static labels.

The program aims to bring together several moments of the current song. Spread across four stages and with the electronics as a starting point, the ID profiles various genres and subgenres such as the British IAMDDB's trap-jazz, Arca's electrifying performance, the classic and timeless Madlib, the Kamaal Williams sound experience and the contagious party of Moullinex. In the ID, electronics crosses with the urban music and the festival also receives Dino D'Santiago, raising the cultural mystique between Cape Verde and Lisbon, DJ Nigga Fox mixing the African drumbeats with the electronic of the publisher Prince Discos.

The tropical sounds arrive through the DJ Shaka Lion bridging the party and unique vibe of Xinobi. The Portuguese Meera will infect the stage with their pop-electronic work and Rui Maia, from the X-Wife band, will present a dj-set also based on the more urban and electronic rhythms that inspire it. DJ Dead End will be the representative of urban hip-hop with electronic rhythms on ID and DJ Progressivu, the festival's afro-clubbing manager, creating the perfect cross between urban cultural roots and electronic music.
Soon more names to announce!


€ 35 (until 15 January)
45 € (January 16 to March 28)
€ 50 (March 29 and 30)

Daily 35 €

Official sales points:, FNAC, Worten, El Corte Inglés, Media Markt, Lisbon Tourism, ACP, Pagaqui network, Abep, Information and Reservations 18 20 (24H).

Soon we will introduce you to all the artists! Pay attention.

You know more about the festival here.

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