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CNE 113 - São Domingos de Rana

It began its activity at the end of 1965 and was affiliated on November 9, 1966. After the first meetings of the group were held in the house of the head of grouping of the height, began to be held in the new parish hall, which included the headquarters of the grouping, having at that time reached about 100 elements, having the support of the Torre d'Aguilha seminar grouping.

In 1997, group 113, was one of the strong promoters of the creation of Núcleo da Barra, structure that covers all the clusters of the counties of Cascais and Oeiras.

Already in 2012, on October 6, the new headquarters of the Group, located on Rua das Flores / Rua dos Escuteiros was inaugurated, the result of a joint work between the Municipal Council of Cascais and the grouping. This new space allowed to increase the physical area for the scout activities while allowing a strong growth of the cash.

With 52 years of life, the grouping currently has an effective of 131 elements.

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