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Bootcamp Capacita.TE 2018 in the European Capital of Youth

It is already from 5 to 7 October that the Bootcamp Training takes place here in Cascais.

This training plan, conceived by the municipality of Oporto, aims to enable young people, leaders of youth associations, associations of students of secondary education and higher education to use useful tools for the acquisition and / or reinforcement of competences. with a view to improving performance with regard to leadership.

In force since 2015, the following modules have already been developed:

  • 2015 - Sources of Financing; Accounting and Associative Taxation; Couching Association.
  • 2016 - Leadership and Management of Volunteering; Initiation to Volunteering; Financing source; Social Network Management; Inclusive Communication; Basic suport of life; Filigree and Carving Workshop promoted by CINDOR.
  • 2017 - Leadership and Management of Volunteering; Accounting and Associative Taxation; Gender Equality and Non-discrimination; Basic Life Support Techniques; Mobility in Europe and the World.

In Cascais, the Bootcamp 2018 will be held in October to train trainees with the essential tools to create, manage and fund a youth association, to foster the creation of synergies and partnerships between participants and organizations present, to share experiences and knowledge among the most experienced associative leaders and young people who are starting their journey in the associative movement.

The programmatic contents will be foundations of the associative organization; constituent organs and principles of administrative functioning; human, patrimonial, informative resources; Activities plan; relationship with members; role of the associative leader; identify the main instruments of associative accounting; implement project financing strategies; project financing; associative, national and international support programs; program and support applications: key aspects of organization and budget management; profitability and valuation of associative resources.

The methodologies to be adopted cover the conceptual and practical exposition of knowledge, experiences and realities, using group work dynamics and creativity games, based on the participants' experience in sharing information.

Registration opens today and runs until October 1. If you are interested in participating, you will know everything here.

Sobre Cascais