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On Tuesday, we shared with you the fourth sustainable development objective, which concerns quality education and aims to guarantee access to inclusive, quality and equitable education, and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

As usual, we now share with you some ideas and initiatives that can not only inspire you, but also provide experiences that will change your life.

The Jerónimo Martins group, with the purpose of enabling frequent training in work contexts to groups of citizens with special vulnerability in terms of access to employment, has established several protocols with organizations and educational institutions and promoters of social inclusion seeking to offer training and work experience in their stores. These protocols are intended for migrant and refugee people, at-risk youth, students and people with disabilities.

In collaboration with JRS - Jesuit Refugee Service, for 18 months it was possible to offer 36 young migrants the opportunity to obtain a training course in a real work context and to develop technical and relational skills for access to the labor market.

One example of receiving people with disabilities is the partnership with the Portuguese Association of Asperger Syndrome (APSA), which involves the integration of young people to acquire personal, relational, technical and professional skills. Also worthy of note is the partnership with the SEMEAR project of the Association BIPP - Inclusion for Disability, designed to professionally train young people with intellectual difficulties in agricultural development and related tasks.

In 2016, these protocols allowed the formation of about 70 people.

Still related to the Jerónimo Martins Group, the "Pingo Doce Children's Literature" prize has as its goal to serve as a catalyst for knowledge, critical thinking and creativity among the younger generations, while the stores are a place where books can be bought, 2006, contributing to equal access to information for the population.

This annual prize money of 50,000 euros is shared between the winner of the text and the winner of the illustration, and has already promoted the discovery of new talents in the areas of writing and illustration aimed at younger audiences.

Another project is the Recycling Mission, carried out in coordination with municipalities and municipal systems, with the objective of continuing to create conditions for an increasing number of Portuguese people to fulfill their civic mission of separating their packaging waste so that they are recycled.

Based on this assumption, Sociedade Ponto Verde had a team on the ground knocking on the door of 1.6 million Portuguese homes in more than 140 municipalities, delivering, to those who desired, domestic ecopoints with the mission of converting all those who had not yet separators (which separate all types of packaging) and clarifying the rules of recycling to all who recycle.

The Professional Education in Cascais bets on the extension and qualification of the offers in public schools, framed in the objective of qualification of the county educational system, in the fight against the failure and abandonment of school and in the facilitation school-labor market. Allowing the operationalization of specialized courses and respective formational sequentialities. As for example the Training Technological Pole / Professional Electronic Medical Course / Professional Course Aeronautical Maintenance.

If any of these projects interests you or if you know someone who can benefit from them, do not be indifferent and leave a mark on your life or someone else's life!