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Tiago Fernandes | CULTURA NO BAIRRO Volunteer

I had previously participated in other summer programs provided by Cascais Jovem, however I have always been curious to try Cultura no Bairro because it is more related to my area of ​​study and interest.

For many young people, this program provides a first contact with the "world of work" and with responsibilities that have probably never been brought to them, which is my case. I started by applying for this project because of my interest in the world of art, my first choice being the House of Stories - Paula Rego, for the admiration I have for the Artist and his work, which I had previously studied. I can say that my passage through this equipment was marked by the relationship I created with the museum staff themselves, who from the first day left me free to ask the questions all I wanted and still gave me room to grow within the functions that I had been inculcated. One of the skills I feel I gained the most was the ability to interact with the public, as well as the application of the foreign languages ​​I spoke to (English and Spanish). It is a project that still gives us the freedom to express ourselves, to the point of contributing to a better functioning of the equipment. And the town of Cascais itself.

The Culture in the Neighborhood is a program that in addition to giving young people the possibility of having a small idea of ​​what is the adult life, spreads the volunteers through the Museum Quarter, promoting what we have the best in our village, the culture.