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After the last news we released on Tuesday about eradicating poverty, we have now seen you launch several challenges: not only do you know some organizations that have the objective of this SDG, but also that, if you have an interest and a will, you are one of the volunteers who embarks on the adventure of helping those who need it most out of this world!

The first organization is CARE, present in 94 countries, whose mission is to save lives, eradicate poverty and achieve social justice. Its focus is on girls and women, since they are the faces of poverty in the world's poorest communities. In addition, CARE's nearly seven decades of experience show that empowering the female population is the key to entire families emerging from extreme poverty.

Care was founded in the United States in 1945. It was born from the junction of 22 American organizations that mobilized to support the survivors of World War II by sending Care Packages, which contained food and other essential goods.

Currently, the organization is an international confederation of 14 organizations and is among the first organizations of its kind to reach the ground in a humanitarian crisis. And it 's the last to leave. During an emergency situation, the organization meets the immediate needs of the affected people by providing food, shelter, safe water and hygiene products. Through its emergency programs, CARE provides aid to 12 million people annually.

It also helps people, families and communities to build their lives after a humanitarian crisis. The organization prepares them to deal with future disasters in order to mitigate their impact.

The second organization we decided to highlight is AMI - International Medical Assistance, a Portuguese humanitarian aid NGO. It aims to fight against poverty, social exclusion, underdevelopment, hunger and the consequences of war anywhere in the world.

In the international area, the organization develops three major types of interventions, such as Emergency Missions; Development missions with expatriate teams; International Projects in Partnership with Local Organizations (PIPOL).

Founded in 1984 by the urologist doctor-surgeon Fernando Nobre, it is an innovative humanitarian organization in Portugal, dedicated to international missions. Since 1987, the organization has carried out missions in 79 countries, sending hundreds of volunteers and tons of aid. In Portugal, AMI currently has 16 equipment and social responses: 9 Porta Amiga centers, 2 night shelters, 2 street teams, 1 home support service and 2 FEAC food reception centers.

AMI is active in a wide range of areas: water and sanitation, food and nutrition, environment, education and training, social inclusion, fight against poverty and health.

If any of these projects caused you any interest, be sure to inform and maybe you can become part of them. Let yourself be inspired by this voluntary spirit!