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The SUPERA-TE program aims to develop emotional skills for federated young people practicing sports in the municipality of Cascais.

The program will consist of group sessions organized according to themes central to all those who practice sport: performance, focus, self-confidence, anxiety management and expectations, sports nutrition, mindfulness, coaching.

It also includes group sessions specifically addressed to parents, coaches and leaders, and motivational sessions with athletes of reference of the national sports panorama.

We believe that the complete preparation of a sportsman depends on all the factors that may influence it. The psychology of sport and other areas of health that act in a sporting context show us that the sports potential of young people can be overcome if we combine physical training with mental training in order to enable the young athlete more and more in his or her sporting performance and life.

This training is carried out by specialists in psychology who work together with young people, coaches, leaders and parents to increase their emotional well-being and ability to deal with all the demands that an athlete has to face .


• Youth from 12 to 18 years of age in a club in Cascais and residents or students in the Municipality;
• Parents / Educators of youths federated in a club in Cascais and residents or students in the Municipality *;
• Sports coaches with a professional card that they play in clubs of the Municipality of Cascais *;
• Club officers of the Municipality of Cascais *.

* Parents / Educators, Coaches and Managers may apply regardless of whether their children / athletes participate in the program.


Beat you young
• Provide emotional and psychic tools as a complement to sports work;
• Increase self-knowledge and security;
• Reduce levels of anxiety, insecurity and demotivation many times associated with intense sports and competition;
• Increase knowledge about sports nutrition;
• Help young people reach their goals.

• Develop and train parents' emotional and psychic skills to deal with young athletes in order to improve expectations management in the young and family relationships.

• To develop and train the emotional and psychic skills of the coaches to deal with young athletes in order to improve the coach-athlete-team relationship and enhance the athlete's athletic performance.

• Develop and train managers' emotional and psychic skills to deal with all actors in the process: young athletes, coaches and parents.

Duration of the program:

Young people | the program will have approximately 12 sessions of 90 minutes (18 hours in total) in weekly format;

Parents / Educators | 4 sessions of 90 minutes (6 hours in total);

Coaches | 4 sessions of 240 minutes (16 hours in total);

Leaders | 3 sessions of 180 minutes (12 hours in total).

Program of the sessions:

(available soon)

Areas of expertise:

• Education
• Sports
• Youth
• Sports Psychology
• Employment
• Talent


You have to contact your club.


Framing Entities:

Services of the Municipality of Cascais or other municipal entities.