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1 de março de 2018
Loja Cascais Jovem

On the 1st March there's a new edition of (A)CASOS, this time in the scope of Cascais 2018 ... This time you will be able to hear testimonies of those who overcame obstacles, you will know interesting, alternative, creative, improbable and surprising professional paths ...

(A)CASOS takes place every 3 months to motivate and inspire people in situations of active job search or transition, through real, alternative, creative and surprising testimonies from those who have overcome obstacles.

This edition is special! It will rely on testimonials from young people, but open to all ages.


Sign up here ... You can check more information of the speakers here!


March 1st, 6:30 p.m., in Loja Cascais Jovem!!

Motivate yourself with the cases and inspire yourself in the accidents.