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Here comes the OP Cascais 2019 |   "I participated and I got it!"
Monday, May 6, 2019

The Cascais Participatory Budget (OP Cascais) returns once again and public participation sessions take place from May 4th to 25th.

The big challenge of these sessions is the realization of proposals, in other words, making dreams come true.

The idea is to start doing it early, being the minimum age of participation in the Public Participation Sessions (PPS) 12 years.

The PPS will be held from 04/05 to 05/05, with the great news being the holding of sessions at 2:00 p.m. to encourage the participation of students, seniors and people with more availability.

Another novelty for the 9th edition of OP Cascais is the presentation of 2 types of proposals:

A - Proposals that benefit the activity and / or users of a formally constituted entity (for example, Associations, Schools, Sports Groups, among others);

B - Proposals that do not fit the typology A and that benefit the citizens.

Check the dates of the Participation Session here.

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