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Cascais holds the last stage of "Liga Meo Surf 2020"

From the 15th until the 17th of October, Cascais will hold the last stage of "Liga Meo Surf 2020: O Bom Petisco Cascais Pro", organized by the Associação Nacional de Surfistas, at Guincho's Beach.


In addition to the great national men's title trophy, with Afonso Nunes, Frederico Morais, and Vasco Ribeiro as candidates to win, this year a new title will be also be disputed in memory of the surfer and actor Pedro Lima - Allianz Triple Crown Champions - scheduled for the 2nd day of the competition, with two superheats:


Male: Afonso Nunes x Miguel Blanco x Gony Zubizarreta x Vasco Ribeiro

Female: Teresa Bonvalot x Carolina Mendes x Camila Kemp


Many other secondary titles will also be disputed, with the spotlight for the 1.500€ Cascais's Municipality prize for the best local surfers, male and female.


The good news is that the surf enthusiasts will be able to follow the "O Bom Petisco Cascais Pro" in their homes, with live TV transmission on Sport TV, as well as in the remaining official media: Meo's Facebook Page and the Associação Nacional de Surfistas's social networks.