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Singularity University brought David Roberts to Cascais, to talk to young people about the future.
Yesterday evening was spent at Nova SBE, with David Roberts, Manuel Tanger, Terry Hamill and Ozioma Egwuonwu, experts in exponential technology, leadership, education and transformation strategies.

In a world shaped by an accelerated technological evolution, we must prepare ourselves to be successful in the face of this reality.
The exponential generation is composed of future entrepreneurs, inventors, legislators, scientists, engineers and professionals in countless other areas, who will play a critical role in creating our exponential future.

So, what does it mean to think exponentially? How to understand exponential technologies? How can we use them to create a better future?

For David Roberts, it involves clearly defining our goals, developing skills in ourselves, that allow us to lead and create an exceptional change in our lives and those of those around us.

But what kind of skills? What if we don't have defined goals yet? How do we know what we are going to need?

No problem. If you don't know what you should work for in the future, you just have to be alert, be insanely curious, learn about everything. Know yourself. Improve your character traits, be humble, passionate, determined, have more compassion and, above all, don't be afraid to take chances.

There is one factor that contributes to have a "good life" ... your emotions. They determine the quality of your life. Nobody or nothing provokes your emotions except yourself. You define what saddens you or what makes you happy, because you create your expectations according to standards, with what you think others expect from you or is socially accepted. The way we interpret things is what causes certain emotions.
If we manage to control and accept them, we can achieve our goals and make the best use of all situations, even negative ones.
Remember that everything happens for a reason, even the worst things.

Have hope, take care of your physical and mental health. Find your passion and if you can, make it your profession.

Love and live extraordinary emotions, only then you'll achieve happyness.

And never forget, clarify your goals, visualize them and you will achieve them!