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90 years of Scouts in Cascais

Robert Baden-Powell, created in 1907 a worldwide movement designed to promote peace and develop skills in young people, based on contact with nature.

To the national territory, arrived in 1911, more specifically Macau and would arrive in Portugal in 1913 with the emergence of the Association of Scouts of Portugal (AEP). In our county, the Scottist movement would eventually emerge in 1929, when the founder of the Movement, Robert Baden Powell, visited the council, which was received at the Hall of the Palace by the President of the Republic, General Oscar Carmona.

After this visit, the first Scout Group of the county, at that time called Group 86 - Carcavelos, was to emerge in the same year, which 2 years later, due to the restructuring of AEP, would have the current name, Group 16 - Carcavelos

2019, is therefore a year of celebration for all members of the Scout Movement of the county of Cascais, which saw the 90-year-old movement sown today by 17 Associations, spread throughout the county, reflecting the growth and development of the movement in the municipality of Cascais, of which thousands of young people are now part.

Congratulations to all the young people who have "left the council a little better than they found it".

Surgimento do Grupo 16 - Carcavelos
One of the 1st Group 16th - Carcavelos photos


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