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Natura Observa

Yesterday we talked about the Locals

Program. Today we talk about Natura Observa!

Did you know that this program exists since 2007?

Its objective is the preservation of the protected area of ​​the Natural Park Sintra-Cascais and allows all the young people who make this program to know better our mountain range, contribute positively to the conservation and improvement of this area.

There are several projects within Natura Observes and the one that will be open this Easter is the Salamander.
This project focuses on the recovery of the areas burned in the fire of 2018. To do so, within the scope of the post-fire action plan developed by the municipality of Cascais, identified areas that are subject to a greater risk of erosion or biological invasion, recommending for these local manual interventions using natural engineering techniques that can be implemented with the support of teams of volunteers.

If you are a nature lover or have become sensitized to the fire and want to do your part for our mountain range, this is the perfect opportunity !!

Sobre Cascais