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Youth Associativism

Youth Associativism in Cascais

Youth Associativism is a key area for Cascais Jovem, which has it as a priority in its activities, for the possibility of young people joining together and improving the life of their communities, making an impact on the world around them.

In the municipality of Cascais the Youth Associative Movement is represented by Scouts, the National Listening Body (CNE), Scouts, Scouts Association of Portugal (AEP), Portuguese Association of Guides (AGP) and Youth Associations, which have activities of culture - dance, music and theater; Social; sporting and environmental.

Do you have an idea that can change the world? The Associativism can be a good way to get things done, and Cascais Jovem is the ideal partner to help you.

See here the list of youth associations

See here the list of Scouts and Guides


Know them:

AEP 150 - São Miguel das Encostas

CNE 71 - Parede

CNE 113 - São Domingos de Rana

CNE 550 - Manique 

Palco da Tua Arte

Futuro no Palco

Somos Torre


Check them here.


CMAJ- Municipal Council for Youth Affairs

The CMAJ is an organ of consultation, auscultation and information in the Youth area of the Municipality of Cascais, generator of dynamics in the youth associative movement, and its functioning is ensured through the Youth Division.

The CMAJ is responsible for deciding on policies, projects and programs of the CMC in the area of Youth, presenting proposals, suggestions or recommendations to the CMC or any other autarchic organ of the
youth issues;

The CMAJ may issue opinions on matters submitted to it, including proposals regarding the elaboration of the plan of activities, in order to know and improve the aspirations of the young people of Cascais, to hold debates, forums, seminars, or other initiatives, on themes relevant to youth, with their own responsibility or with the support of the Municipal Council of Cascais.


See the regulation here