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On Tuesday, we shared with you the seventh sustainable development goal on renewable and affordable energy, which aims to guarantee access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy sources for all.

As it has become habitual, today we share with you some ideas and some initiatives that not only inspire you, but also provide experiences that will change your life and those of you who are close to you.

Get to know some projects related to this ODS.

The Action Plan for Energy and Sustainability of the Municipality of Cascais, finalized in 2012 for the Covenant of Mayors, enhances the elements obtained from the various Energy Matrices through the definition of measures and actions in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy, public lighting , transport, among others, with the identification of 13 measures proposed at the level of the Autarchy and 12 measures at county level. This reference document is currently an important decision support tool.

Another project is the energy efficiency of municipal buildings, which consists of an integrated strategy to reduce energy consumption associated with the Autarquia infrastructure. This measure consists of the audit and analysis of the reality of the building and identification of actions of efficiency and the period of return of the investment of the solution, aiming at its materialization. This project only ends with the monitoring implementation of the measure, in order to effectively measure its impact and efficiency.

The Municipal Plan for Public Lighting is an energy efficiency strategy for public lighting in Cascais. These measures aim to reduce energy consumption, but also to improve the quality and capacity of the local authority to interact with the public space. A progressive investment has been made in new LED luminaires with the possibility of management, an investment that is intended to be extended, to give priority to more degraded areas and with requalification needs, and to sites with faster return on investment.

Another project is EDP, which launched Save: to Compete in 2012, in partnership with the Confederation of Portuguese Industry, to improve the competitiveness of industrial customers through more efficient energy consumption. With this innovative business model, EDP invests directly in the project of its clients, identifying potential measures to reduce energy consumption and promoting its implementation through the savings generated. Energy efficiency projects become more attractive to companies in a time of budgetary constraints, and partnerships between EDP and its customers are strengthened in the liberalized market. The success of the program led to the celebration of several partnerships between EDP and other industrial associations and was scaled to Spain, where it also takes place from 2013.

Windfloat also integrates EDP's commitment to the development of offshore offshore wind technology. It responds to the growing need to decarbonise companies and focuses on the high potential of this pioneering technology, while contributing to the diversification of EDP's portfolio of energy production focused on sustainable growth opportunities.

Windfloat is being implemented through incremental steps: prototype, pre-commercial phase and commercial phase, which allowed to obtain a significant know-how in an initial state of the technology. Several partnerships were made to move forward with project implementation, which included the design, production, installation and operation of offshore wind turbines.

Look for the best way to do all together a better job on behalf of this planet that is OUR and that is complaining more and more! We also suggest reading the article "Five Portuguese cities among those that use a lot renewable energy".